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Kandi HodgesBefore I was born, my family became well-known in East Tennessee as the Moonshine Cloggers. Raised to clog on stage, I learned to be comfortable in front of a crowd.

At four-years-old, I wished I could read the novels my cousins were reading and write in cursive. I used to stick my face in books, pretending to read, and I would "write" my stories on notebook paper. I was actually writing one long, loopy scribble. By fourth grade, I became acquainted with Judy Blume, who remains my favorite author today for her ability to write to audiences of all ages. My American dream is to publish a novel "with my name on the cover."

Discovering I may need a day job to become a published writer, I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a bachelor's degree in mass communication and a minor in English writing. I concentrated my studies in public relations because I found that it best utilized my writing skills, my passion for good advertising, and my inquisitive nature. I have held professional positions including news writer, features writer, event planner, Web development project manager and public relations specialist.

Working as a project manager for a Web development company, I learned that I am more than a writer. I am also technically oriented and enjoy learning new technologies, testing software and writing technical instructions. I have found that social media and search engine optimization are exciting fields for me because they involve research, logic and good writing.

Currently, my day job is as a public relations specialist for the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine. I develop electronic communications including an e-newsletter, online news, and electronic billboards.

Thank you for getting to know me. Learn more by following me on Twitter and visiting my blog.

Kandi Austin Hodges - PR professional

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